Transport & Accomodation

We understand that transport and accommodation is very important to our visitors, we have decided to help our visitors through this tedious process especially our international visitors.

We have organized some transport and accommodation for both our international and  local visitors, For international visitors we have organized trasnport from the airport as they arrive for the conference, we  shall pick them from Entebbe Airport to their assigned or booked accommodation areas, currently we are negotiation with hotels and we shall be listing the hotels here as we get confirmation from there accommodation areas.

To be updated about the available hotels as we get them on board please subscribe to out newletter below where we shall be sending important updates to our visitors.

For our local guests/visitors shall be picking you from our designated areas, we have organized some coasters that will be picking you from the designated stops to the conference.

We shall be picking all our visitors to and fro the conference venue, we kindly request you register as soon as possible, this will help us with the smooth organization of the summit in August.