April 15, 2017
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Ken Harvey

Senior Pastor
Canby Christian Church

Ken is a man who is passionate about three things: God, family and sports. Ken grew up in Florence, OR and graduated with a BA in education from Puget Sound Christian College in 1978. Ken has been on staff at Canby Christian Church since 1978 and has served as Christian Education Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Youth Pastor. In October of 2006 Ken became the Senior Pastor.

In his lifetime, Ken has been a dedicated and faithful servant to God, and has used his leadership skills in many ways. He has directed over 25 youth camps, and has lead over 20 missions trips to various places. For Ken, there is no complicated answer as to why his life has been ministry focused. ” I love people, and I want them to know Jesus.” Ken has a deep love for his wife Chris, his seven children, and a growing number of grandchildren.


444 North Holly Street
Canby, OR 97013