April 15, 2017
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James Kato

Senior Pastor
Jesus Worship Center

Pastor James Kato founded Jesus Worship Center in February 2002 in Nateete which is in the out skirts of Kampala.

Around that time, the Lord led James, to hold a 3 week long gospel campaign, which brought forth yields of 1200 souls into the Kingdom of God. In this meeting many were healed and delivered by the power of God! The first service was attended by 104 adults. The Lord has been building the church both spiritually and numerically since then.

As a Church they believe that the Lord has called them to reach our home town of Nateete and beyond, through the power of His word, that all my know Him and serve Him. They believe that human beings exist to know God, love Him and serve Him.

They hold weekly Jesus fellowships, Monthly medical outreach mission, regular gospel crusades, offering education to disadvantaged children and facilitating national and international pastors’ training programs.


Exalt King Jesus Ministries
P.O. Box 28888
Kampala, Uganda