April 15, 2017
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Charles Kayiwa

Senior Pastor
Refine Fires Mission


Pastor Charles Kayiwa is the founder of Refiners Fires Missions.

VISION: As a refiner’s fire, to refine and raise a people whose lifestyle conforms to the image of Jesus Christ ready for the coming of the Lord. Mal.3: 1-3

To challenge and inspire God’s people to a lifestyle of prayer and experiencing both the tangible presence and power of God.

To ignite, revive and set ablaze, individuals, churches and entire communities into a spirit filled life; overcoming defeat, despair and slumber.

Ministering healing and deliverance by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to those who are dying and perishing spiritually or physically to the fullness of Christ likeness.

Restoring lukewarmness and backsliding Christians to a lifestyle of fervency, purpose and direction.