July 4, 2017
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Brian Morehead

Global Ministries Pastor
Rocky Peak Church

Brian Morehead is the Global Ministries Pastor at the Church at Rocky Peak. He has Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies from Biola and has been serving with teams in Africa since 1998. He has worked with ministries and pastors from Cote D’Voire, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Liberia. Pastor Brian has a heart for long-term relationships that grow ministries, develop leaders and establish systems that continue to serve the community for generations.

Workshop: Cultural Sensitivity while working with Americans
This workshop is about the do’s and don’ts of working with Americans in ministry. Pastor Brian Morehead has been working with partners throughout Africa and Latin America and has a had many relationships with local ministers. Some relationships have been good from the start, others have grown in trust. Others relationships have ended in disappointment and many potential relationships have never had the chance to start for various reasons. We will explore the various reasons why ministry relationships go thrive, die or never start. Please be ready to ask questions.


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